March 24, 2021

It seems that buying a Mats on Jiji Nigeria is not difficult at all – after all, there are dozens of models in any specialized salon. However, the acquisition should make deliberately. Otherwise, you can hardly be sure that you have bought a good product.

How to choose an entrance mat?
First of all, keep in mind that all rugs are divided into internal and external. Here are the requirements for the accessory, which is usually placed in front of the front door (behind the threshold):

increased rigidity (so that the soles of shoes are better cleaned);
practicality (created from plastic, rubber);
appearance (can be bristly or honeycomb);
the optimal size (a person should dry their feet thoroughly, a small rug is useless here).
How to choose a carpet in the hallway?
If you decide to lay a rug in the hallway, you must also take into account some of its characteristics, namely:

material (different materials are used, the main thing is that they are not too soft);
durability (walk on the rug in the hallway more often than on the outside);
color (must mask dirt and at the same time fit the interior).
Knowing the features of doormats, it will be easier for you to choose the right product. Particular attention should pay to the materials from which they are made.

Pile rug
Doormats and their types

Currently, a wide variety of hallway rugs are being created. If you know how this or that material differs, you will not have any difficulty with the question of what kind of carpet to put in the hallway. It is helpful to find out the merits and demerits of the materials.

Most often, the following product options are on sale:

Rubber mats are called universal and are highly resistant to wear and tear. They also have other advantages – they do not slip, retain moisture in themselves (which means that the floor remains dry), dirt lingers on them quickly, and it will not be difficult to clean such products.

The disadvantages include more than discreet design. The only difference between rubber mats is the pattern. The colors are usually black. Other colors are much less common.

Rubber-based rugs are in steady demand. For their seamy part, rubber is used. These products’ advantages are no different from those described above – strength, durability, ability to retain water and pollution, and environmental friendliness. Besides, even severe temperature drops are not terrible for such rugs so that they can safely use both in the hallway and beyond the threshold. In recent years, more and more models have been produced with different designs.

Minuses. There are few disadvantages of these products, except that the increased price.

With pile
Fluffy rugs are an excellent solution for the hallway. They create coziness, are pretty soft, but at the same time, they perfectly retain dirt.

The disadvantages include the difficulty of cleaning such accessories when contaminated with clay or earth. Besides, the fluffy rug needs to be dried periodically.

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